Mo House Restricting Plan Could Bring Changes to Lakes Region

    Both the Republican and Democratic redistricting plans for the Missouri State House will bring changes to the district for representatives who cover Stone and Taney counties.

    The new district will shrink the district of Branson area Rep. Brian Seitz, while remaking the district of Rep. Brad Hudson to include almost half of Christian County. Rep. Travis Smith will also gain a part of Stone County plus more of Taney County south of the Branson-Hollister area. 

    The members of the redistricting committee will have to decide on one map before Jan. 23, 2022 or the Missouri Supreme Court will decide. The Court will put together a panel of six judges to decide the maps just like in 2001 and 2011.

    The complete story can be read on the Branson Tri-Lakes News Website.

    (Story by Jason Wert, Branson Tri-Lakes News)

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