Mayor Milton: Highlights First Eight Weeks in Office, Tonight's Branson Board of Aldermen Meeting

    In his recent “For The People” Letter, Branson Mayor Larry Milton discussed his first eight weeks as the City's Mayor.

    Milton mentioned the repealing of the mask ordinance and the amending of an ordinance placed restrictions on certain City communication. “An Ordinance repealing the Mask Mandate was the 1st Agenda item, during our 1st Board of Alderman meeting (April 13th) and passed with a 6-0 vote. At our 2nd Board of Alderman meeting, an Ordinance prohibiting your Mayor/Alderman and City Directors/Employees from communicating directly with each other, without the presence of the City Administrator, was amended. With this amendment, your Mayor/Alderman may now communicate directly with Directors/Employees, without violating a City Code.”

    Milton also wrote about Town Hall meetings as well as his appointment of several ambassadors. “I initially announced that these would be committees and they are not. They are individual caring citizens that have been appointed by the Mayor to gather facts and report back to the Mayor. The intent of these appointments is to make Branson a better place for all of us to live, work and play.”

    He also highlights items for tonight's meeting which include a presentation by the Branson Academy for the Advancement of Music and Theater, an update from Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce regarding Sports Marketing and a presentation of the first quarter 2021 financials for Branson. The full agenda for the upcoming meeting is on the city website.

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