Branson Solar

    Phone Number: 417-407-3006
    Address: 3027 W State Hwy 76, Branson, 65616


    Instant Gratification

    As soon as your panels are installed you will see the meter ticks back and savings going up!

    Fixed Rates

    If someone were to offer you the opportunity to have your very own gas pump that gave you gas for $2.30/gallon for the next 25-years, would you take it? With solar, you have your very own power plant that will provide you with electricity at lower than market rates for years to come.

    Low Risk, High Reward Investment

    When the time comes to sell your home, solar systems can add thousands in value to your sale price. With solar purchases the Return on Investment is 8 years on average! In 8 years your system pays for itself! Meaning solar panels for home cost is paying for itself less than a decade after install.




    • Reduced Energy Costs
    • Federal Investment Tax Credit
    • Performance-Based Incentives
    • Accelerated Depreciation
    • Good R.O.I.
    • Decrease In Carbon Footprint
    • Fewer Power Outages
    • Low Maintenance
    • More Loyal & Satisfied Employees
    • More Customers
    • Support of the Local Economy
    • Increased Property Value

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